Battleschool is a player vs player game with roleplaying elements. The player vs player combat is similar to that of the combat in the Final Fantasy series of games.

In Battleschool you control a team of characters wielding medieval weapons and armor and an arsenal of magical abilities with the goal of outplaying your opponent. It is a turn-based game and will be free to play.










David Brinton
Project Manager, Software Development

David has 15 years of experience in the software industry with a firm understanding on how to make projects successful. His primary focus always having been software development, much of his work on Battleschool is in the form of code.

Although the original vision for Battleschool came from David, friends and family have helped shape it into something greater than he could have ever made on his own. #gratitude

Tim Robertson
Game Balance

Whether it was competetive Street Fighter II as a youth or competitive card tournaments, game balance is something Tim has been a student of for the past 25 years of his life. Most recently, Tim is a 4-time legendary status Hearthstone player. His study of strategy and game mechanics across a broad range of game types has made him a prime candidate for our game balance specialist.

Giovanni Maisto
Environment Concept Artist, 2D Prop Artist

Giovanni has always been fascinated by anything related to the art world. He began as an illustrator working on cartoons with "Gruppo Alcuni". He was featured in two animation movies and many TV series. Recently he moved to the world of Video Games collaborating with Ubisoft in Just Dance 2015, Just Dance Japan and on a still in development, AAA title that is currently top secret. Now he has arrived at the home of Watermint Studios ... to work on Battleschool.

Saxon Dixon
3D Environment Artist, 3D Character Artist

Saxon is an Australian 3D Artist that's been in the Games idustry for about 8 years. He has a huge interest in anything visual, He loves games as a medium and think that they have only just begun to scratch the potential for what can be done.

Ilona Kusche

Jens Fiedler
UI Artist, UX Design

Ben Hopper
Rigging, 3D Animation

Born in Buffalo, NY, Ben went to high school and college in western Kentucky before going on to work in newspaper production as a news clerk, paginator and columnist. He moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2002 to study animation at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA and has been working as an artist and animator in the video game industry ever since. Ben is currently a freshman at Battleschool.

Eryc TSang
Character Concept Artist

Born in China.Concept artist.
Mastered various art style.
Years of experience working in game industry.
Very unique vision in game arts.

Robert Brown
Sound Designer

Robert is a hugely passionate sound designer with a definite soft spot for game audio. With previous work including indie games, feature films and animations, Robert is looking to use his skills and knowledge in sound design to help bring the world of Battleschool to life!

Patrick Doran
VFX Artist

I've done a little bit of everything when it comes to video game art - 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, shader creation, terrain building, and world building. I've done it all to death...and nothing quite grabs me the way VFX does.

VFX creation is a challenge that just never lets go of me and keeps me up at night, thinking of how to make a rectangle look like more like magic. I caught the bug back in 2009 while working on a cooking game, which forced me to combine the knowledge I have from every other discipline - just to crack open a simple egg.

I've since moved on from the TRI engine to the UDK engine, Unity, and again to Unreal with the release of Unreal 4. I've also grown quite passionate about the process of emulating natural systems with particle systems, as it's so much of a challenge when the bar is set as high as "reality".

The big games that have stuck with me as a gamer are DOTA 2, Fallout 1-3, Red Dead: Redemption, and Skyrim. Notice a pattern? I like 'em big, and I like replay value. It's my biggest goal in life to work on a game that would offer me an experience on par with the games I care about most.

Rowan Sgarlata

I’ve been writing music since 16 when my Year 11 music teacher basically said that he thought I ripped off another composer because it sounded so professional. I finished my degree in 2011 and started working on small games writing music for production libraries and trailer houses.

I’m also very passionate about the game audio world being heavily inspired by Nobuo Uematsu, Jeremy Soule and Koji Kondo. Hearing about Battleschool, I jumped at the opportunity to work together with an amazing team.

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